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Connections_Shorter Version  Late last year, I started watching Breaking Bad and finished the entire season last month. I loved every second of my binge watching experience; the plot, the characters, the perfect ending. I also spent a lot of time jumping in my seat, sometimes so taken aback I felt the need to walk around my apt, mouth open, muttering “goodness.”  Breaking Bad maybe one the best shows I’ve ever watched. “Yeah Bitch” aside, my “true” favorite expression from the show is Walt’s warning to Hank to “Tread Lightly.”  I try to incorporate that into a sentence every chance I get.

Of course, it is fitting that my one of my all time favorite shows, also featured whiskey.  A number of whiskies broke bad in the show at pivotal moments. Knob Creek bourbon which was a staple in Hank’s bar and he asked Walt to join him on a few occasions, Whistle Pig shared in mugs between Hank, Gomez and Merkert, what seemed like Wild Turkey on the rocks ordered by Mike – and Dimple Pinch, Walt’s choice of whiskey.

I am intrigued by Dimple Pinch. It seemed like that was Walt’s go to whiskey at every crucial juncture and he stayed loyal to it till the end. Though not widely available this whiskey was created almost 350 years ago by Robert Haig, causing major mama drama among church elders because Robert was distilling whiskey during Sabbath. I have yet to try it so I can’t share any taste experiences but I will as soon as I get my hands on a bottle! The bottle certainly stands out with its unique shape. I’ve heard it described as the “working man’s’ whiskey, smells of dandelions and tastes like Graham crackers. Sounds like comfort food. Maybe that’s why Walt chose it. Making meth is stressful. Or so I imagine.

What are some other whiskies you’ve seen featured in shows and movies? Anyone who’s watched Justified will have lots to talk about. And while we’re on the topic of whiskies for your inner nerd, what whiskey do you think Dumbledore would’ve had? Maybe one of these:  http://www.masterofmalt.com/blog/post/Wizards-of-Whisky-2014-Winners.aspx

That Boutique-y Whiskey Company is perfect for my inner nerd. Personally, I think Dumbledore would’ve named his whiskey “The Fiery Phoenix.”

What about Hobbits? Had to be an Irish blend. Or Ned Stark or Robert Baratheon? Theirs was a extreme charred blend with a bottle with an image of a boar or a dire wolf. Okay, I’ll stop now. I’ve take this too far.






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