How To Drink Whiskey


You might be wondering “How do I drink whisky? Do I order it neat or do I order it on the rocks?” The simple answer? It doesn’t matter. The secret is confidence.

Overall, the general rule of thumb is if the proof is 90 or higher, drink it with a splash of water or 1 to 2 ice cubes so it allows you to dilute the alcohol taste and anything less than 90 proof you can have it neat. But the more important rule to remember is “Whisky is like looking for a serious relationship.” Try it many ways before you commit to the way you like it.

What I like to do, is order any whisky neat first so I can really taste it. (That’s what all distillers do!). Then I ask for either a splash of water or 2 ice cubes. I do this because it gives me the best of both worlds. The thing you have to know is adding water or ice changes the flavor and can bring out floral, herbal or smoky notes that you may not have noticed before.  It can also diminish certain flavors which changes the experience. Also, if you’re drinking a rye whiskey for the first time, having it with 2 cubes of ice and letting them dissolve a bit might also help you get accustomed to the spicy flavor. The beauty of trying the same whisky in different ways is that you just might be pleasantly surprised each time. And that’s a relationship to commit to.

So next time you’re out, just own it and order it how you want it. Don’t be surprised if, eventually, you find your friends following your lead. After all, imitation is the best form of flattery.

Let me know what you end up ordering and how. Sláinte!

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