The Beauty of Spice


This has to be one of my favorite topics through my whisky journey. Must be because I’m such a foodie and Indian. We Indians love our spicy food!

I love how spice can change the experience of a whisky. This depends on the ingredients actually being used (for e.g. cinnamon, vanilla, cloves) or the aging and distilling process of a whisky (for e.g. in a Rye whiskey).

This is why flavored whiskies and Rye whiskies are so fun to try and open you to a wide world of experiences. For e.g. Kentucky Bourbon, Bird Dog has a hot cinnamon flavored whisky that is 80 proof but the cinnamon makes it seem like it is higher proof. This is great if you’re getting used to whisky and wanted to try a lower proof first.

Rye whiskies, on the other hard, are so multi faceted. Take for example, The Hudson Manhattan Rye. Not only is it the first legal rye whiskey to be distilled in the Hudson Valley in 70 years, it is probably one of the most interesting in my mind. Aromas of toffee and vanilla, the first note that hits you is honey and rye (of course) with a spicy and smoky finish. The entire experience is so smooth to the taste and light weight in body, that you can’t help but smile and feel you’ve stumbled upon something unique.

Spice is the variety of life! Namaste.

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